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 The name of this site Armazi is that of one of the main gods of the people of ancient Kartli (Iberia) in the South Caucasus. Armazi was proclaimed supreme royal god by the first Kartlian king, Parnavaz I, in the fourth century BCE. An old tradition credits Parnavaz I with devising the first Georgian script. Armazi is also the name of a fortress near modern Mtskheta that dates from the same period.

"Armazi, god of gods..., the great gods, conquerors of the world, lighters of the sun, givers of rain, who cause the fruits of the earth to grow..."

The illustration is of a bronze beltclasp dating from the South Caucasian Early Iron Age (late second / early first millennium BCE) depicting anthropomorphized gods hunting deer and fabulous beasts.

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Current pages

The Georgian language
An outline grammatical description of the main member of the Kartvelian group of languages.

Georgian Language bibliography A list of basic items for those wishing to learn more about or study the Georgian language.

The Georgian Language: Quick Facts A brief summary of some interesting facts on the Georgian language (PDF file).

The Georgian Alphabet Details of the Georgian scripts (PDF file).

The Morphology of the Georgian Aorist A detailed summary of the formation of the Georgian aorist screeve (PDF file).

Four Georgian Poems Four short Georgian poems with their English translations.

The Bezhta people and language A general overview of the Bezhta people and their language [in preparation].

Marina Adamia Biographical and professional information on the Georgian modern classical composer.


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